Worldwide Therapy Training via Online Programs and Venues

Are you looking for a new career?

Are you looking for a new career in alternative therapy? Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing, Reiki healing, Indian head massage, Pets/animals Reiki healing  and Robert Saint Johns Metamorphosis are  available via an Online Program download or at various venues.

This download has a printable manual and online tutor support.
The courses are all affordable.
You may earn the cost of the training in your first few weeks of practice.
The training is available Worldwide.

The organisations featured on this website are dedicated to providing affordable, professional training with no hidden extra fees.

Our gift to you:  to help you to grow your practice we will give you a 30% discount on the second Online Program you order.  This discount is for a limited time.  To secure this discount book your first course now.

 Alternatively pay via this link  PayPal.Me/therapytraining4u.

What are the advantages of training with our organisations?

You have the option of training at avenue or via an Online Program with printable manuals and tutor support.
The Online training is identical to the training received at the venues. It is so easy for students to train to a professional standard via the Online Program.
You will receive support from our tutors during and after your training.
Completing a course and registering with any organisation entitles you to have a free listing on this websites practitioners' page.
Potential clients looking for a therapist in their area can get your contact details from this website.
Registration and membership is free.
After you register there are no additional annual fees.
Insurance coverage is available in most countries.
You will be ready to start your practice immediately after your training.
You will be your own boss and be free to set your own working hours.
Members are entitled to use the logo of the organisation they trained with in their own private therapy practice and promotional material.
Members receive a brochure detailing the therapy and its benefits to advertise their business.
Forms and waivers are provided for clients to sign, to ensure duty of care to members and their clients.
Please click courses on the menu bar to view the courses training details.
For details on booking the courses please view the booking info page.
For details on completing the Online program and returning the course work please view the Cert information page.
We are sorry Reiki healing cannot be taken via an Online Program
Please view the Practitioners page for a Reiki Practitioner in your location.
For further reassurance of the standard of this training please view the testimonial page.
We look forward to hearing from you: Take care and good luck with your new career.

Training certificated by the organisations that they are affiliated with:

Hypnobirthing Practitioners
The Guild of Advanced Hypnotherapist
The Indian Head Massage Association
The International Metamorphosis Association