About Us

We offer training in Hypnobirthing, Hypnotherapy, Indian Head Massage, Metamorphosis (as taught by Robert Saint John).  Reiki, all degrees, available in Cyprus or in the UK with our Reiki Masters.
Reiki healing for Pets/Animals Online Program or at a Venue in Cyprus.

“We love what we do, and so will you.”

Therapy Training 4U has secured a discounted Insurance Policy with Westminster Insurance for UK and/or Eire Members of the following Organisations:

  • The International Metamorphosis Association
  • The Guild of Advanced Hypnotherapists
  • Hypnobirthing Practitioners
  • The Indian Head Massage Association

If you have trained in any of the modules above you can add any other therapies you practice to the same policy.

Click the button to obtain the Therapy Training 4U discounted Insurance offer.

Please note: Insurance is also available in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada – details will be forwarded with your course work. 


Training available via an Online Program Worldwide. This has a printable manual and online tutor support. Or train at various venues with our tutors.

Are you looking for a new career – a chance to work for yourself in hours that suit you? We have helped many people to start a rewarding practice helping others and themselves to move forward with their lives.

The courses are all affordable. You may earn the cost of the training in your first few weeks of practise.

We are here to help you with the training and to support you after. No hidden extras, no extra courses to take. The Online training is identical to the training received at the venues, it is so easy for students to train to a professional standard via the Online Program with tutor support.

Students receive comprehensive manuals with step by step instructions making it easy to complete the training quickly.

Our gift to you

To help you to grow your practice we will give you a 30% discount on the second Online Program you order. This discount is for a limited time – To secure your discount, contact us now.

A New Future Awaits

We have obtained insurance coverage in most countries; students who already have insurance in most cases simply need to add the therapy to their existing insurance. Discounted insurance only available in the UK and Eire.

Right now you could be making a decision that will lead you to a new chapter in your life, working for yourself helping others, setting hours that suit your commitments.

For further reassurance of the standard of this training please view the testimonial page.

Why wait? Every journey starts with the first step; check out your chosen therapy today.

Advantages of training with one of our organisations:

  • We provide consultation forms and waivers for clients to sign which ensures when the student has qualified and is running a practice they are working within safe practice guidelines.
  • The organisations provide information on setting up a business.
  • Health and safety guidelines.
  • Advice on advertising and much more. This information is invaluable to new therapists helping them to avoid all the pitfalls and to run a successful practice directly after their training.
  • The training offers free registration with the organisation the student trains with.
  • There are no annual fees to pay to any organisation to practise.
  • Each organisation issues its own certification.
  • All the organisations permit their members to use their logo in their advertising material.
  • The tutors are always available to offer support during and after the training.