Certificate Information

Our online programs, and how to complete them.

Online Programs

The following Online Programs are available Worldwide:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Metamorphosis
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Reiki Healing
  • *New Reiki Healing for Pets & Animals¬†

Online Programs are certified and fees include registration with the organisation providing the training.


Training venues are in Pyla Village, Larnaca (Cyprus). The Practitioners page lists Practitioners in other regions.

Usui Reiki and Tibetan Reiki are not available as an Online Program: (Students need attunements from a Reiki Master).

Key Points:

  • The Online Program training is identical to the training given at the venues.
  • There are no hidden extra fees.
  • Students work at their pace: there is no set deadline to finish the course.
  • If students do not return the Online Program course work within six months we may contact them to see if they need any further support.
  • We offer students one to one tutor email support for the duration of the training, and on-going support after they receive the certificate, a tutor is only an email away.
    With the tutors support students have no problem completing the training.

For sessions in any of the therapies offered please view the Practitioners page.

How to Complete the Online Program

The student reads the information provided in the manual and then they are required to perform a session of their chosen therapy on a client or volunteer.

The person receiving the session then signs the witness statement to confirm they have received a treatment from the student and the procedure was followed as outlined on the witness statement.

The student then reads the declaration of learning. 

Students do not have to submit any written work, by signing the declaration, they confirm that they could explain or perform the learning outcomes to the standard required to obtain a certificate.

To apply for their certificate the student simply returns the three forms provided with their course work;

  1. The witness statement confirming they have performed a session.
  2. The declaration of learning confirming they are confident to practice.
  3. The Membership application form.

On receipt of the forms the certificate will be issued via post.