Booking the Guild of Advanced Hypnotherapy Training

Booking The Guild of Advanced Hypnotherapy Online Program and venue training.

Booking The Guild of Advanced Hypnotherapy Online Program:

Fill in the booking form: in the subject drop down box click the Hypnotherapy option.

After you submit the form please click the PayPal Icon which is situated on the website heading.
Online Program fee £354
 Alternatively pay via this link  PayPal.Me/therapytraining4u.

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Cert info: has information on completing the Online Program.

Booking a venue in Pyla Larnaca Cyprus: Course duration: 3 days of hands on training: Fee €675.

Two people booking the training together will receive a discount.

Please submit the enquiry form on this page a tutor will contact you within 24 hours to discuss a training date.

Sessions of Hypnotherapy; Please view the Practitioners page to see if there is a practitioner in your area.

Submitting the booking form confirms you have read and agreed to the terms of booking
TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All course work is copyright of Therapy Training 4U® and its course providers. Copyright registration number P1284. We recommend that all practitioners have adequate, up to date insurance coverage; we will forward details of our insurance policy when you have obtained your certificate. Should you become involved in a civil or malpractice action, or be liable for an insurance claim because of a client being involved in any incident, we will support you. However Therapy Training 4U® the course providers their tutors or anyone associated with them will not be liable in such a claim.Therapy Training 4U® are only responsible for the therapies that you give that are covered in their courses syllabus. By booking a training course you acknowledge that you will not sell, distribute, edit or reproduce any software or literature related to this training course, or use any of the course's structure in any future training without the express permission of Therapy Training 4U® and that you accept the terms and conditions. We reserve the right to cancel the registration of any member found to have behaved unethically.
Online Program fees are non-refundable without just cause.