Learn Hypnobirthing via The Online Program download Worldwide. This has a printable manual and online tutor support.

Training online or at a venue in Brentwood Essex and Cyprus.

The Hypnobirthing Online programs are structured to give the same standard of training as given at the venues.

Students receive comprehensive manuals with step by step instructions making it easy to complete the training.

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About Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing Practitioners are dedicated to promoting a natural childbirth experience that is enhanced with relaxing hypnosis procedures. This ensures a peaceful and tranquil experience for the mother, baby, and any other loved ones who might be present during the birth.

Our “Hypnobirthing Practitioners” training is affiliated with the following organisations:

1) ”Hypnobirthing Practitioners” founded in 2002, train our hypnobirthing practitioners in evidence-based, natural birthing methods researched by leading birthing experts to ensure they have sufficient knowledge to present safe and informed hypnobirthing classes.

2) The Guild of Advanced Hypnotherapists©, established in 1988, train our hypnobirthing practitioners ensuring they have more than an introduction to hypnosis and are able to deliver the hypnotherapy section in their classes to a high standard.

You do not have to be a midwife or have any previous qualifications to be a ‘Hypnobirthing Practitioner’ A Hypnobirthing practitioner is not required to be present at the birth, they will have taught the couples hypnotherapy and natural birthing methods before it.

This Hypnobirthing training will enable you to enjoy a rewarding and lucrative career, educating groups of mothers-to-be and a birthing partner how to achieve a natural birth.

Hypnobirthing with Practitioner

Simply knowing how to hypnotise a subject is not always enough to ensure a positive outcome. There are rare occasions where the subject might not respond well to hypnosis or be difficult to bring out of a trance. We ensure our practitioners meet all the criteria needed to work within safe practice regulation.

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Hypnobirthing Classes

Our Hypnobirthing Practitioners have all the knowledge required to teach the mother-to-be and her birthing partner how to relax and understand how natural birthing is a safe and loving way to welcome a baby into the world.

Although the Hypnobirthing classes can be taken at any time during the pregnancy, mothers-to-be and their birthing partners generally attend Hypnobirthing classes at about 32 weeks into the pregnancy.

Hypnobirthing classes are normally 8 hours duration taken over 4 weeks of 2 hour long sessions. However Practitioners can set their own class duration to accommodate their clients.

Hypnobirthing practitioners train the expectant mother and her birth partner to use safe hypnotherapy relaxation techniques.

The couple are taught evidence based natural birthing methods, taking away the fear of pain syndrome which is associated with childbirth.

With this knowledge, they can look forward to welcoming the baby into the world naturally, without any unnecessary interventions, enabling the expectant mother to rest and sleep during the later stages of her pregnancy, as well as relax during the labour stages.

 Video of the benefits Hypnobirthing Practitioners’ offer:

Why Join Us?

The training provides everything you need to start practicing Hypnobirthing.

Practitioners’ Training
information is provided in 3 comprehensive manuals, see more info below.

The certificate will enable you to start your practice immediately after your Hypnobirthing training.

Hours are flexible according to you + your needs. Get your training when it suits you.

No additional training required + No annual fees to pay + No hidden extra fees.

Hypnobirthing Practitioners training fee includes lifetime registration + support from ‘Hypnobirthing.

Receive 3 Comprehensive Manuals

Manual one

Contains all the information on natural birthing.

Manual two

The hypnotherapy training manual.

Manual three

Practitioners’ prompts to refer to during the Hypnobirthing classes.

To present your class professionally you will receive:

  • Handouts to show to the group at every class
  • Handouts for the mothers-to-be to take home with them for future reference.
  • A subliminal CD to play during the hypnotherapy sessions of the classes.
  • Members are provided with registration forms which mothers-to-be and their birthing partners sign before they start the classes’ the forms are essential when practicing hypnotherapy, as the client has to consent to hypnotherapy, this protects both the client and practitioner. This is termed safe practice.

Please contact us now for more information.

Our members receive:

  • A certificate 
  • A brochure detailing the therapy and its benefits which they personalise to promote their practice
  • The Association logo to use on their promotional material. 
  • A subliminal CD to play during the hypnotherapy sessions.
  • Access to a relaxation CD for the mothers-to-be to play before birth as a means to relax and prepare for her natural birth. The CD can also be played during the birthing process.

Please note: Members are entitled to a free listing on this websites Practitioners page – clients looking for a therapist in your area could view your details on this website.

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