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About Metamorphosis

Robert Saint John discovered Metamorphosis, which he originally referred to as “Prenatal Therapy” as his work was related to the gestation period. This training adheres to the founder Robert St John’s original and advanced work.

Preview the benefits The International Metamorphosis Association’ offer.

You do not require any previous qualifications to become a Metamorphosis Practitioner. Metamorphosis Practitioners can enhance the life of friends and family, future clients, but above all else, it can give you a significant purpose in life.

Metamorphosis is often offered by Hypnobirthing Practitioners. Having sessions during pregnancy is very beneficial as it clears the expectant mother’s blockages. Midwives also offer Metamorphosis.

Do you work with people who need support? Robert Saint John the founder of Metamorphosis found Metamorphosis helped children and adults with Down syndrome and the mentally/physically handicapped.

Further – Reflexologists can use it to enhance their work, people in all walks of life can benefit from Metamorphosis.

Robert Saint John's Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is easy to give and receive. Metamorphosis Practitioners work on the reflex points of the feet, hands, head, and spine which release blockages inherited at conception. It can be administered without removing clothing or the use of special oils and requires no equipment beside knowledge.

Metamorphosis allows a person to become their own healer; by releasing unwanted patterns of behaviour they can reach their true potential. Metamorphosis is suitable for everyone from the new born to the elderly’.

At conception we inherit all our future characteristics and stress patterns. During pregnancy energy blocks inherited at conception may become more established and the person then carries this stress into their future life. The energy blocks you inherited, could be causing you problems now.

Unwanted habits are also signs of inner distress.
Metamorphosis allows a person to change completely.

The caterpillar emerges into a butterfly, still carrying the genetic patterns it had when it was a caterpillar – in that respect, nothing has changed except its appearance.

What Metamorphosis achieves for the person receiving it is to go beyond this transformation, to remove past patterns and blockages that are inhibiting and limiting them.

A Person can change from who they were in the past to who they can be in the future, allowing them to reach their true potential. Once this happens, they cannot revert to old patterns of behaviour.

What Benefits do we Offer?

Metamorphosis is easy to learn via an Online Program Worldwide and at
various venues with one of our many Practitioners.

You will learn the principles and theory of Robert Saint John’s Metamorphosis.

You will learn everything you need to start practising.

You will arrange your own study days working in the hours that best suit you - great for working parents or people with little time to learn something new.

No annual fees need to be paid to the Association

The study fee includes lifetime registration and support from The International Metamorphosis Association.

Our members receive:

  • A brochure detailing Metamorphosis and its benefits which they personalise to promote their practice.
  • The Association logo to use on their promotional material.
  • a poster detailing the corresponding reflex points.

Members are entitled to a free listing on the Practitioners  page. Potential clients looking for a therapist in their area can view members details on this website.

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