Practitioners listing

Some practitioners do not wish to advertise on the web directory. Should you require a practitioner in your area, or to verify that a practitioner is registered please contact us. Entries listed alphabetically in Countries
Metamorphosis Practitioners
Metamorphosis Practitioners taught by The International Metamorphosis Association teach the founder of Metamorphosis Roberts St Johns work. 


Name: Bonnie Grills:  Golden Lake Canada Sessions and Study Days Email:

Name: Barbara Dianne Westgate:  Ontario Canada Sessions and Study Days  Email:  

Lesley Baartman;  St. Albert AB. Canada Sessions and Study days Email:

Joanne Hoffman;P.O. Box 279 Luseland, Saskatchewan. Sol.2Ao Canada. Study days Email:

Marie Hodgins:4636  46th avenue  Alberta Beach , Alberta Canada Email:

Dayna Boetzkes 1 Grosvenor Blvd. St Albert, Alberta T8N 0X1 Canada Email:

Monica Chrisp; 103 Mission Avenue St Albert. Alberta T8N 2C5 Canada Email:

Crystal Boyde: 10835-31st. Edmonton, AB. T5W 1W6, Canada Email:

Lori-Dee DeBoer: 8904-102Ave Morinville, AB T8R 1B5 Canada Email:

Collene Kerr: 177 Elm crescent Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 2C7 Canada Email:


Patricia Newman: Sessions and Study Day  are held in  Pyla Village Larnaca. Email:                                        


Name: Helena Fitzpatrick  Location Ballinagh Co.Caven Sessions Email:

Northern Ireland

 Name: Lisa Morrison Location Derry Sessions Email:


Metamorphosis Practitioner

Ana Prados Caracuel Malaga Sessions  Email:

Practitioners in the United Kingdom


Name: Vivienne Broom Location: Doddinghurst Brentwood Sessions Email:


Name: Pearl Fowler Location; Yeovi Sessions and study days Email:


Debra Green Location; Kidderminster Session 

Hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing


Name: Patricia Newman  Hypnobirthing training  available  in Pyla Larnaca Cyprus

Patricia M. Newman  Hypnotherapy Training  available  in Pyla Larnaca Cyprus: Email: 

 Name: Tina Agapiou MTGAH Nicosia Email:

Name:Georgia Charalambous MTGAH Kiti Larnaca

Name: Kamila Spiewak MTGAH Nicosia Email:

Name: Thomas Beresford MTGAH Nicosia Email:

Name: Jackie Tillie MTGAH Limassol Email:

Name: Patricia Christy Hypnobirthing Nairobi Kenya Email:


Name: Birgit Siebler MTGAH.Portugal Email:


Name: Darryl McCullagh Hypnobirthing Co Down. Northern IrelandEmail:

United Kingdom


Name: Robin Jallit Rhynia Hypnobirthing Huntly Email:

Brentwood Essex 

Name: Patricia Broom Hypnobirthing  Brentwood Essex Email: 
Name: Vivienne Broom MTGAH Doddinghurst Brentwood Essex


Name: Carrie Barber. Hypnobirthing  Email:


Name: Pearl Fowler MTGAH. Yeovil

Salisbury Wiltshire

Name: Kirsty Wick Hypnobirthing Salisbury Email:


Name: Heidi Johns Hypnobirthing Southend-On-Sea


Caroline Simone Hypnobirthing  Gwynedd. North Wales Email:

Please confirm with any practitioner you contact from this website  that they are  offering this 'Hypnobirthing Practitioners' Program. We can only recommend  practitioners that follow our training program.  

If you previously trained with 'The Guild of Therapeutic Hypnotherapists' or 'Hypnobirthing Educators' please submit your details.

Indian Head Massage Practitioners


Bonnie Grills is the trainer  for  The Indian Head Massage Association in Golden Lake Canada. For Sessions and training: Email:

Name: Eveline Lacelle  saskatoon, SK  Email:

Teresa Wittig Winnipeg,  Manitoba  Email:


Patricia M. Newman Indian Head Massage Association  training  available in Pyla Larnaca

Name: Linda Mullins Larnaca Email:

Name: Carol Sime Famagusta Email:

Name: Karolina Gladych  Limassol Email:

Name: Anestis Panagiotou Limassol Email:

Name: Aleen Andreou Nicosia Email:

Name: Taline Babikian Cyprus Email:

Name: Angela Egwim Maroni and Limassol Email:

Name: Therese Marty Gavrielides  Limassol Email:

Name: Amaryllis Christophoroy Nicosia Email:

Name: Christou Christiana Larnaca Email:

Meglena Chavdarova Derinia  Email:

liya Zhila-Kerenskaj Limassol Email:

Name; Spyvoulla Georgiou Nicosia Email:


Name: Mr. Balaram Raggoou Mauritius


Name: Birgit Siebler Portugal Email:

Practitioners in the United Kingdom


Susie Ray Central and South London


Name: Janet Kousoulou.Broxham. Herts Email:


Name: Pearl Fowler Yeovil Email:


Name: Julian Martin  Barry, Vale of Glamorgan Email:

Name: Sherry Ragoo-Martin Barry, Vale of Glamorgan Email:

Usui and Tibetan Reiki Practitioners


Name: Patricia Newman Reiki Master /Tibetan Master  Pyla Larnaca Cyprus.
Please contact Patricia to arrange training in:

Usui Reiki and  the Tibetan Practitioners Degree or Tibetan Masters Degree Animal Reiki healing Email:


Name: Birgit Siebler /Tibetan Master Portugal Email:

Practitioners in the United Kingdom


Name: Pearl Fowler Reiki Master/Tibetan Master Yeovil Email: 


Name: Patricia Thomas Reiki Master Trebanog Mid Glamorgan Email:

Name: Alison Skinner Reiki Master  Bridgend Mid Glamorgan Email: